Unfinished Business

unfinished business

Two souls meet in the space between the sky and the heavens, between sleeping and waking.

They are not a depressed 40-year-old and a confused 45-year-old, not two limited people who had closed down to each other many years ago, and not the stories of their physical lives.

For the purpose of this meeting, they are unbound by the complex history of their past relationship and the wounds of mistakes, regret and guilt.

The two souls circle each other, merge, divide and merge again regarding each other’s perfection and similarity. They know everything. They knew everything long ago and they will always know everything.

They don’t need to forgive each other; they were born forgiving each other. At this reunion, they both understand everything.

They whisper into my heart …

“Stay out of this Katie. Your part in this relationship is over. Let us work things out from now on. You go on with your life.”

… and then those two exquisite perfect souls blur and simply fade away.

Shamelessly paraphrased from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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