O is for Orgasm

Unlike other days, it didn’t take me long to come up with a word starting with O. Orgasms are a subject near and dear to my heart.

But when it comes to writing a post about orgasms, what does one say?

Orgasms are good. The end.

Anything else, doesn’t quite cut it. I could describe my orgasms to you in beautiful prose, but similar to describing Wagner, or the taste of lemon meringue pie, words aren’t really up to the task. Even exquisite erotic literature can feel a bit forced or embarrassing. And we all know the torture of badly written soft porn (*cough* Fifty Shades of Grey).

Alternatively, I could get all medical on you and fill up the page with diagrams of the female anatomy with flashing arrows directing you towards the salient areas. But I’m sure you know the clitoris is on the outside and the G-spot is on the inside.

I was watching a documentary the other night that questioned whether women even had a G-spot. They based their findings on a survey where women self-reported whether they had one or not. Seems scientifically lacking to me. I’m not sure where my spleen is, I don’t know what it does, and I’ve never consciously used it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

How to find your G-spot

I do have some advice about the G-spot if you’re interested in finding it (and I do think you’ve got one). Don’t try to figure it out, as they say, inflagranti (in the act of committing the crime). It will end in tears. Rather, wait until after you’ve had sex and then have a bit of fun. Challenge your partner to see if he can locate it with his finger. Direct him to the front wall of your vagina.

The G-spot is easier to find when you’re postcoital because your insides are engorged (ewww — see what I mean about words). You’ll know when he gets it, and so will he. He’ll say there’s a bit that feels different to the other bits (hopefully more eloquently than that).

Don’t go for a G-spot orgasm then and there though. Save it for the next time you get jiggy. Combine it with something else that begins with O… 

In all seriousness, my greatest tip is to relax. When it comes to some orgasms, clenching your muscles is the opposite of what you should do. I would recommend you imagine releasing your cervix down as you exhale. That’s about as technical as I’m going to get.

Any orgasm is a good orgasm

Don’t think that unless you’re having all the orgasms you’re missing out. I’ve read that some women can orgasm just by thinking about it. My monkey mind gets too distracted for that to ever work. I prefer a bit of tactile assistance … either human or mechanical.

I’ve also read about cervical, vaginal, and nipple orgasms. I’m not even sure what the distinction is between them, and I don’t actually care — I just stick to experiencing the different flavours of inside ones and outside ones.

Do whatever works for you. And do it often. The best way to feel like having loads of orgasms is to have loads of orgasms. The longer you go without one, the more it sounds like hard work.

So do yourself a favour and get to it. Your body, your mind, and your spirit with thank you. A well-orgasmed woman is a joy to the world.

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41 thoughts on “O is for Orgasm

  1. I’m a much happier girl after an orgasm, especially after a toe-curler. And the ones that are toe-curlers leave me very relaxed for quite awhile.

  2. Perfectly said. And yes, there really is a G spot and everyone should find theirs. Really. Thanks Katie, another great read!

  3. Ha! That paragraph about the documentary is pretty hilarious and worthy of a whole ‘nother post, imho. Great writing! Thanks for the smiles.

    1. GrannyBeth3 : PLEASE ~ Tell me !! Where do I find a list of all seven & how can I, a man, assist my beautiful girlfriend, in experiencing all seven. I can think of nothing better than that as a “gift” to both of us !!! Thank you for bring this to our, (male readers), attention. Sincerely ….

    2. I trust they include le petit mort? As a mere man I am proud that my wife regularly passes out! I then have (almost) to peel her off the ceiling!

  4. I found my G-spot a long time ago. It was my clitoral orgasm I had a hard time with, well, with a partner that is. When it comes to the clitoral orgasm, I can do that with no problem by myself. Love this post! Who doesn’t love reading about orgasms? Such a great post Katie!

  5. OMG! I found this post on Pinterest somehow and I’m soooo glad! Thanks for the honesty and not TMI! LM”O”O!! ????

  6. I have found mine by accident????But it was different to clitoral O ,maybe it wasnt complete?found it in top position ,was nice????

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