K is for Kissing

When I first met my boyfriend on the street outside my house five years ago, he hugged me and then kissed me on the lips. Just as they describe in books and songs, the heavens opened and the angels sang. This man was hands down the best kisser I’d ever met.

They say you can teach a man how you like to make love, but you can’t teach him how to kiss. It’s like dancing — you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

The secret to good kissing is to be totally present in the moment. Like a meditation, you have to still your monkey mind, and focus on the immediate sensory experience. The soft texture of his lips, the taste of his tongue, the smell of his aftershave, the sounds of the world around you fading away.

My boyfriend and I kiss all the time. We call it NPKS. 

Seven seconds is the minimum length of a proper kiss. Anything less than that doesn’t count. You should be kissed properly every day.

I can still remember the first time a boy kissed me. I was fourteen years old. His name was Trevor White, he drove a Toyota Corolla and play Supertramp on the car stereo. He was one of my brother’s friends, so he must have been about eighteen. At fourteen I discovered kissing was one of my favourite past-times. It still is.

Have you heard about Australian kisses?
They’re like French kisses, but Down Under.

My husband and I ended up never kissing at all, not even when we had sex. At the end of our relationship when we were giving it one last try, we tried kissing again. It must have been okay once, but I didn’t like it anymore. Somehow, it felt so desperate. Perhaps it was.

Kissing improves your health. It burns 1.5 to 2 calories per minute, dilates your blood vessels, fights cavities, prompts your brain to release serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, and tones your facial muscles. Kissing also leads to orgasms which is possibly the best health benefit of all.

What is NPKS?
Non-penetrative kiss sex.


Do you love kissing as much as I do?
What was the name of the first person you kissed?

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38 thoughts on “K is for Kissing

  1. I lurrve kissing, my previous partners were never that much into kissing and one hardly at all, I have recently been blessed with the most incredibly attentive man who adores to kiss me, I have never been kissed so much. He loves my lips and I love his too. Tongues, lips, moments… aaaah what bliss it is to be kissed!

  2. I just realized I don’t remember the first person I kissed.
    I have to disagree with you on the dancing, though. I think people can learn. At least that is my hope, otherwise I guess I’ll never even be any decent.

  3. Ok, I remember my first “real”kiss. I was in the back seat of a car on a double date headed to a homecoming dance. His name was Caroll (yes, a guy). And I agree, a good kisser is the BEST.

  4. Am I the first bloke? Is that allowed? Of course you are spot on. Utterly erotic if done with selflessness. First kiss? Hmm Maggie Hoole. Very wet. Odd memory of finding her gum with my tongue and realising I didn’t care. PS those with a strong feminine side can learn to dance… They just can’t cope with the concept of the male lead when their 31 years of marriage has been built on an entirely different premise.

    1. The first bloke on this post, but not on my blog. There are a few that hang around.
      Perhaps there is still time to learn how to lead in the dance … you never know where that path might take you …

      1. Ah I meant on the post Katie. . And yes I live in hope I’ll understand the concept of the beat one day so not have to rely on a discreet tap on the shoulder to set me going

  5. This is the thing I miss most, so much about being in a relationship. It’s been a year. Much much too long.
    My first kiss was at sixteen. Definitely not the magical first some people speak of. Was left waiting for it to get better with time, many years unfortunately, but when it works out it is amazing.

  6. I can’t remember my first kiss. I think the second, with someone else another time, was better.

    It’s been too long since my last kiss and I want MORE!

  7. Hmm. Interesting! I didn’t know kissing did so much to the body. 🙂 My problem is, if I were to kiss my boyfriend for that long, it wouldn’t stay “NP” for too long. 😉

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