The Best Date in the Entire History of the Universe Ever

melbourne dateYesterday afternoon I hopped on a plane and flew to Melbourne to celebrate the one month anniversary of being with The Last of the Mysterious Lavender Bay Duckfish/Boyfriend.

After dropping my bag at his hotel room, we walked to a mysterious unmarked doorway in Russell Street with stairs leading down to a unpublicised Japanese bar/restaurant – Izakaya Den.

Sitting at the long mahogany bar we watched the Japanese staff prepare our food. Small portions of whitebait, corn, prawns, chicken, lamb cutlets and steamed rice were served as our dinner, and accompanied by a bottle of delicious red wine. The food, the wine and the company was exotic, exquisite and erotic — the perfect way to start the evening.

Once we finished off the bottle of wine, we moved to our dessert destination — The Melbourne Supper Club in Spring Street. Amidst the dark wooden floors, plush lounges and warm golden lighting, we drank a very expensive bottle of wine and ate lemon tarts. A few hours later, I was hungry again and had sticky date pudding as well … yum!

Back at the posh hotel room, Duckfishman surprised me with a gift. He had bought me “The Celestine Prophecy” ~ a beautiful momento of a wonderful celebration as I adore books and the perfect subject matter — spiritual awakening.

The night ended too soon, and before I knew it, it was the next morning and time to catch a cab to the airport to fly home to Sydney. Slightly hung over, sleep deprived but happy beyond words, I boarded the plane home and then went to work.

Thank you Duckfishman ~ you are kind, generous, adventurous, loving and wise beyond anything I could have ever imagined. When I am with you, I feel like a princess. Our first real date was the best date in the entire history of the universe ever.

I love you ♥

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