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One Thousand Voices for Compassion


With so much violence, death and pain in the world it is difficult to know what to do to make a difference. A single voice, crying in the wilderness is barely heard, but there is power in numbers. When people unite for good, miracles can happen. We all need the village.

On 20th February, 2015, United Nations World Day of Social Justice, one thousand bloggers will write about compassion. We will speak about kindness, love, caring for others and non-judgment. We will become a village of open hearts, ready and willing to transform dark energy into light.

we all need the village • 1k voices for compassion

If you would like to add your voice to the growing chorus of humans who believe there is more good in the world than evil, then head on over to the
One Thousand Voices for Compassion Facebook Group and join the movement. Who knows, we my even start a revolution.

Community is about sharing my life; about allowing the chaos of another’s circumstances to infringe on mine; about permitting myself to be known without constraint; and about resigning myself to needing others.

― Sandy Oshiro Rosen


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16 thoughts on “Self Portrait 365|87 + #1000Speak

  1. Very nice 🙂

    I am not connecting it to the social justice until I publish my post. I will connect them on Feb. 20, if all goes well. In the meantime, just talking about compassion and promoting the hell out of this 🙂 Happy meeting, and do keep doing what you are doing here. It’s fabulous!

      1. Well….somehow I inspired Yvonne and it all went HUGE from there 😀 I love the Blogosphere. Thanks for being so awesome and such a great part of it.

  2. I love this movement so so much!! And the gift that comes from this is connecting with so many like minded people and uniting so many loving compassionate hearts, such as your Katie! Lets DO THIS!!

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