Has Achieving Your Goals Ever Given You an Orgasm?


We live in a world defined by achievements. We post our meal plans, our schedules and our weight loss stats but when we achieve them, the accomplishment seems a little hollow. Has achieving your goals ever given you an orgasm?

The reason is that we have bought the masculine ideal that bliss comes from direction and purpose. For women, having a great big goal might make us work harder and feel focused, but at the end of the process, we don’t get what we really want.

What we want is to be loved. To be love, and to give love and to receive love. Not just the pleasant polite love of conformity, but great big passionate, time stopping, heart ripping waves of emotion. Somehow we imagine that being in the best shape of our lives will give us that. We hope that the nicest house, power and position at work, a solid moderate marriage and ‘healthy’ life style choices will prove that we have earned the right to be happy.

Happiness, contentment and fulfilment as a women doesn’t come from crossing off those tasks on your to do list. It comes from connecting with the energy of nature, the weather, the earth and the complex hearts of our fellow travellers. I think that this is why most of us blog. Not for the ‘accountability’ but for the heart to heart connection with the world.

The good thing is that you can be love and give love no matter what shape your house, job, finances or body is in. You don’t have to work at it, and you don’t have to try. It is like a cork that you are holding underneath the water — all you need to do is let go.

Surrender to your emotions, to your joy and pain and to the sublime experience of feeling everything. Don’t close down your heart or distract yourself with fixing things. Reaching your goal weight, fitting into those size 8 jeans, doing 10 chin ups won’t make you feel your bliss. Love and light is what you yearn for, and it resides already within your heart. Let it out and finally be complete.

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3 thoughts on “Has Achieving Your Goals Ever Given You an Orgasm?

  1. Hi Katie!
    This is such a beautiful and true post. Your words struck a chord with me because I recently acknowledged that my purpose in life – what I really want – is just to love fully and be fully loved. I realized this, and yet I’ve also spent a great deal of time setting goals, thinking of what to do to achieve them, and doing my best to follow through. It’s a bit startling, but so wonderful to be reminded that, in some ways, it really is so easy to achieve my greatest goal and desire of love.

    I wanted to let you know that I discovered your blog today and have been reading quite a few of your post and I have loved everything! Congratulations on finding love : ) You have really inspired me!

    1. Hello Grace and welcome to my blog. I’ve just clicked over on yours and I am looking forward to exploring it. “Living Mindful Grace” is a great title. Thanks for the blog post linking back here – you are too sweet.

      I hope you enjoy my humble home and find something of interest. Please feel free to friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter – I love new friends 😀

      1. Thanks : ) I’m happy to get a new reader! My blog is new, so I’m just starting to get my word out there.

        I’m looking forward to checking out your favorite blogs, too!

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