The Butterfly Effect


What if there are two common, ordinary caterpillars who love each other dearly and enjoy lying around, eating leaves and being generally solid and predictable and then one day one of them gets the urge to build a cocoon?

She tells the other caterpillar that the days of darkness and claustrophobia will be worth it because there is something wonderful waiting on the other side of the pain. The other caterpillar looks on in disbelief and shakes his head.

She spins her cocoon and stays buried in the dark until the day that she emerges with strong beautiful wings. She is a magnificent creature ready to take to the skies.

She tells the caterpillar that she will wait for him, that he too can transform into a creature that lives in the air rather than on the earth, and that the pain is now a distant memory. The caterpillar looks on in disbelief and shakes his head.

She cannot blame him, his caterpillar ways were all she wanted before. She is the one that has changed, not him. She wants to stay and be with him but the freedom of flight and new experience calls to her.

As she remembers the days they spent together in perfect harmony, her heart breaks a little and a tiny tear drops from her eye. She turns her attention heavenward and sees for the first time another beautiful, strong and magnificent butterfly flying towards her. He looks on in adoration and nods his head.

→ photo : Just me….

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