Self Portrait 365|19

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Honestly, I don’t know what to do. I’ve run out of ideas (and god knows I’ve had a few). I want to make a difference with this online space, but I don’t know how. I want to go beyond the recounting of every day minutia and address the big questions, but when I do I feel like some over zealous motivational speaker.

But I see so many women hurting so much, and I want to reach out and help them. What can I say? What can I do any better than those powerful goddesses who shine their huge spotlights around cyberspace?

All I have is a small candle that often gets extinguished by the hot winds of my past and the fresh breezes of my uncertain future.

I searched for a quote to use today by using the word ‘helping’. This is what I found. Perhaps it’s a message from the Universe.

We truly help others working on ourselves. When it comes from the knowledge that the only power we have is over our own choices, we do not struggle taking responsibility for what is not ours to be responsible for.

When we choose to be happy our joy works like a lighthouse. The lighthouse never guides ships to its own light. It always leads them to the safe harbour. Yet it is their choice, whether they want to follow the light or something else.
~ Raphael Zernoff

Perhaps I don’t need a giant spotlight, I just need to be a lighthouse — showing you both light and darkness so you can see where I am, and find your way to your own safe harbour.


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6 thoughts on “Self Portrait 365|19

  1. Katie,
    I both love, and am inspired, by the creative ways you use online space.
    I see several potential books in your posts – one that recounts the darkness and light from suicide experiences (something that people can hold onto when they are searching for someone who understands) and the self portraits are fantastic showing the many facets of a real woman and how she may portray herself. It would make a great coffee table book (I hope that doesn’t undervalue your work)
    You have such talent – keep posting and using the social audience as your guide as to what resonates and “hits the spot” and then take this feedback and publish it!

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