Unconditional Love


“Don’t consume yourself with thoughts and dreaming rather than living and experiencing” — Paula G

I don’t believe in the big bearded God in the sky who doles out rewards and punishment depending on my actions. That is conditional love, and entirely how I was taught to love by my parents. If I am a good girl, then I get affection, praise and inclusion, but if I misbehave, then I get punishment, disconnection and criticism.

Unconditional love simply asks that I love, support and connect with myself and others no matter what. Once I choose to suspend judgement, then it is easy and effortless. An open and loving heart is natural and effortless. It is like relaxing a hand that has been clenched tightly into a fist for years.

Instead of dreaming of how wonderful life would be if I was super lean, ultra fit and free from obsessing about food, I choose to experience my life right now by loving myself unconditionally.

It matters not that I have more fat than I’d prefer, that my body suffers from pain that prevents me training as hard as I like or that my thighs rub together — the behaviour of my body doesn’t dictate whether I love it or not. I love this physical home for my spirit because it is the very best it can be here and now. Wishing and hoping it was different just keeps me from having this great big exciting adventure called life.

The joy, confidence, inner beauty and love that you feel for yourself will pour out into the world through your eyes and attract more love into your life than a banging body ever will.

→ photo : milena mihaylova

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