Self Portrait 365|12


Way Too Straight

I look way too put together in this photo, as though I were heading off for a job interview in a corporate office. Someone needs to mess up my straight hair. I’m much more dishevelled than this image portrays.

“Humans are pretty complicated,” I said.
“No, Boy. Rain-forest ecosystems are complicated. Humans are just a mess.”
― Jon Skovron, Man Made Boy

October Portraits

It is the last day of October and do you know what I’m excited about? My monthly collage. There’s only 12 this month because I started late, but next month there will be 30.

October Collage

I’ve also decided that when a year is up, I’m going to get all of my photos printed into one huge print, frame it and put it on the wall. This is more interesting than I could have ever imagined.

How was your October? What are you looking forward to in November?


Technical Information

Camera model: Canon EOS 7D
F/stop: f/3.5
Exposure time: 1/30 sec
ISO speed: ISO-100
Focal length: 50mm
Post processing: Photoshop Elements
Filters: Adjust saturation | Duplicate layer : Gaussian blur | Blend mode: Overlay 69%


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