The Five Goddesses

Today I stand in gratitude for five  women who remind me of the miraculous power of unconditional love.

It matters not if we are old or young, married or single, mums or childless, lean or carrying healing weight, contest dieting or intuitive eating, when we sit around a table and talk of our hopes and dreams we only feel deep abiding love for each other.

In each woman, there is unspeakable, enduring beauty. In the shape of a shoulder, the strength of a leg, flawless skin, deep blue eyes, beautiful breasts, wild curly hair, and mischievous smiles, the pure essence of feminine divinity takes my breath away.

I see in each of these five women things that they cannot see themselves. Their unique view of the world, their open hearts and their inner strength is more beautiful that the most perfect sunrise. Our lives have changed and evolved, we have chosen different paths, but our sense of connection is never under threat.

Life is truly about experiencing the magic that occurs when our minds and spirits meet and meld without judgement or agenda. We laugh, cry, reminisce and dream about the same things.

If only you could see yourself the way I see you, you would never doubt for one moment that you are a goddess. I am filled with delicious excitement when I contemplate the joy you will experience when you finally catch a glimpse of how magnificent you truly are.

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