How Can You Live Your BEST Life?

how can you live your best lifeThe life you are living right here and now IS your best life. You have taken all of your experiences from this physical life and your former life and have fashioned the perfect experience in this moment.

All you have to do is recognise your magnificence and celebrate it. The joy you feel is the essence of you who really are. If you could see deep inside of yourself you would never doubt that you are a goddess.

How many times have we longed just to hold you and protect from your own self-inflicted pain. The rules of the young ones do not apply. Your soul is old and wise and knows the truth. It is not a secret, it is merely remembering.

You know how you can’t remember the name of a song until you stop trying and then it comes to you. Just relax and the memories will come. You won’t have to chip away at the marble to reveal the beauty within, it will melt away like the snow on a hot day.

Can you feel the angels wings tucked underneath your shoulder blades starting to unfold?

That is remembering who you are and all you need to know.

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