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Ten Thing I’ve Learnt About Long Hair

This is the first time I’ve had long hair in my adult life, except for when I grew it long for my wedding a hundred years ago and got it cut off the week after. As someone who isn’t acquainted with long hair, I’ve discovered a few things I didn’t know.

[1] My Hair is Wavy

When I was a child I had dead straight medium brown hair. The other time I grew it long was in the early nineties and I had it dyed black and permed. I didn’t know that my hair was wavy until this time around. Perhaps it has something to do with leaving it completely natural.

[2] Hair Gets Everywhere

My hair is all over the bathroom floor, tangled up with the dust bunnies under the couch and in the bed. When I have a shower I have to remove strands of hair from my butt crack.

[3] Long Hair is Easier to Take Care of Than Short Hair

When I had short hair, I had to wash it everyday and restyle it due to the amount of product I put in it. First thing in the morning I looked like a frightened hamster. With long hair, I can leave it for two or three days before it needs a wash.

[4] I Have No Idea How to Style Long Hair

Without a lifetime of experience, I don’t know how to do a proper ponytail or a bun, let alone anything else. I do my best, but I don’t know what I’m doing.

[5] I am Still Looking for the Perfect Shampoo-Conditioner-Product Combination

My hair is very fine but gets dry on the ends. I have tried all sorts of combinations to make it thick, full and bouncy. Too much conditioner and it goes flat, too much product and it ends up like straw. No poo, no sulfate, bicarb and vinegar — I’ve tried them all but I’m yet to discover the perfect recipe for hair full of body and shine.

[6] Long Hair Gets Hot

When I was in Malaysia, I made the mistake of wearing my hair down one day. Within an hour, having a hot blanket of hair around my shoulders drove me crazy. I ended up buying a hair tie from the gift shop at the Butterfly Park so I could get my hair off my neck.

[7] You Must Have a Hair Tie with You at All Times

See above. I now wear a black hair tie around my right wrist at all times in case of emergencies.

[8] Long Hair Gets in the Way

When eating, cleaning my teeth, and driving with the top down, my hair ends up in my mouth. Yuk.

[9] You Don’t Need to Pay to Get Your Hair Cut

I haven’t had a professional hair cut for over a year. The last time someone cut it, they gave me layers which were too short to tie back in a pony tail. These days I cut my own hair. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to give yourself a blunt cut.

[10] It is Best to Tie Long Hair Up at Night

Having my hair loose at night means I wake up with loads of knots in it. It also ends up getting trapped between my boyfriend’s arm and the pillow. I normally put my hair in a side plait before I jump into bed.

Do you have any long hair hints for me?



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14 thoughts on “Self Portrait 365|6

  1. Hello Katie,
    Sadly I cannot tell you much about long hair as I look dreadful with it. Just wrong. However, you look awesome. I love all of these self portraits – haven’t visited your blog for awhile, but am enjoying seeing some real authentic Katie pics.


  2. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! I laughed at the hair tie round the wrist…..I do that too!!!!! Only thing with mine is it’s thick and wavy, bordering on curly. So I have to get products that settle down the frizz!!!! Also with mine, the less I wash it, the better it behaves. So it’s once a week, maybe twice and that’s it. I love sea salt spray too, good for scrunching curl into it.

    I have figured out how to do a quick French roll with 2 side combs that gets mine off my neck and look a bit less casual than a ponytail. Have a fiddle with twisting it at the back then pulling up then shoving the combs in each side. Other than that, I too am slowly learning what to do with it…..I was a short hair chick for many years!

    One thing that I love now though is being able to go to the hairdresser before a big night out and getting an up style, not just a blow dry of the same old hairstyle…..that’s the fun bit!!!!

    Have a look on the net too, there’s quite a few YouTube clips on how to do easy styles.
    Carolyn xxx

    1. Good ideas Carolyn. I’ve not been to a hairdressers for an up-do … it sounds like something I should do. Except I don’t have that many big night these days 🙁
      Thanks for your great comment x

  3. My hair is about as long as it’s every been…almost down to breasts. I keep a elastic band around too…but I also use a pencil to make a quick bun. Pull hair up high in back like I’m making a pony tail, hold with one hand and twist hair around (I’m left-handed) I twist around clockwise-not too tight…then I take pencil point, stick in at right bottom and sort of flip that part up to like 10 0-clock and slide pencil in. So pencil is horizontal through wrapped knot of hair… Incredibly hard to explain but there must be a description somewhere on internet. I have a red chopstick I use as well…. though none of these are the method I use…but clearly it’s popular.

    1. I had a go with the pencil and I think I’ve sort of got it, but it doesn’t feel as though it will stay in with my fine hair. Thanks for the great idea, I’ll keep my eye out for instructions x

  4. I haven’t had long hair since my twenties. Unlike you, I find short easier to care for. My daughter with long curly hair also ties up at night.
    When mine was long, I used to like doing unusual things with it, like having a pony tail that was then divided into 3 and plaited. (braided?) But then, I was an art student.
    My favourite shampoo and conditioner are by Green People – don’t know if you can get them in Australia. They are quite expensive, but you only need a tiny amount. Very natural products.

  5. Loving my long hair! I haven’t worn it this long in close to 30 years! I stopped coloring, though I do a coffee rinse a few times a week (let lukewarm coffee sit a few minutes, then rinse out) and I condition the ends with coconut oil.

  6. My hair is finally getting long again and I have all the same complaints as you but also want to keep it long. Hair bow on wrist is the most important tip. Never leave home without it!

  7. I have long perfectly straight hair. I’ve learned a couple of important things I wish I’d have known years ago. One – shampoo goes above your ears; conditioner goes below your ears. In the shower, focus the shampoo on the front and top of your head. Some will drizzle down below your ears but don’t purposely apply or lather anything below the ears. With conditioner – the opposite. Apply it to the bottom half of your hair purposefully. Little bits will flood over your head especially as you rinse out. Tip number two – when your hair feels completely out of control and you’re thinking about whacking it off – apply about a tablespoon of oil (coconut, almond, etc.) to the ends, comb it in (I comb my whole head of hair to spread the oil throughout), wrap it in a bun or braids and sleep on it. In the morning – shampoo as usual. You will have manageable, shiny hair again.

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