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Now for something completely different from my generally angst-ridden posts. I think I’m becoming an anti-happiness advocate (like that anti-diet guy).

Today I want to tell you about a plug-in called CoSchedule. (If you’re not a blogger using WordPress, you can click away now. It was nice to see you — thanks for stopping by.)

This is not a sponsored post, but I have been incentivized (OMG I hate that word) to write it by the offer of a discount on my subscription for doing a review. CoSchedule is not that expensive ($10 a month, even less paying yearly) and worth every penny, but I don’t make much money so every little bit counts.

What is it?

CoSchedule is a plug-in for WordPress that manages your blog posting schedule, as well as automating sharing your content on social media. The calendar looks like this (click on all the screenshots to see them full size):

coschedule calendar

The calendar shows my original post on the date it was published, followed by the times it was/is schedule to be shared on my social networks. These shared messages can be set up within the calendar like this:

coschedule message window

Generated from existing blog posts …

coschedule blog schedule

Or drafted when you write your blog post, even before you publish it (which is my most favourite thing).

coschedule backend

Why Do I Love CoSchedule? Let Me Count the Ways

  1. It frees the time I spend on social media to interact with people rather than sharing my content.
  2. It lets me see how much I’m sharing in a day and lets me move the messages around by dragging and dropping on the calendar.
  3. It gives me easy access to my old posts (821 of them) to give them another shot at glory.
  4. It allows me to schedule posts into the future at spaced intervals (if I could ever be that organised).
  5. It lets me choose the type of message I want to share — text, image or link.
  6. It drives more traffic to my site.
  7. It lets me share with my overseas readers when they’re awake and I’m asleep.
  8. It has an editing feature for blogs with author teams, using a shared task list and comments.
  9. It allows me to share to multiple accounts ~ Twitter, my Facebook page, my Facebook profile, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.
  10. It makes me feel as though I have this blogging thing more under control.

Let Me Tell You More About the Traffic

By mentioning your blog post more than once, you have the potential to double your traffic. My experience with the CoSchedule plugin has proven this to be true.

coschedule doubles traffic

How to Get Your Hands On It

CoSchedule comes with a free trial which can be extended through sharing their link on social media. They also have a referral program and a discount for a review. They even send you lovely messages via the admin panel in WordPress.

What are you waiting for? → Click HERE to try it out for FREE.

Now I’m off to schedule the sharing of this post about sharing this post …

coschedule sharing this post

Have you tried CoSchedule? Do you schedule your social media sharing? Do you get excited about such geeky things?


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6 thoughts on “CoSchedule • My New Best Friend

  1. This is a great post. There are so many tools out there but I must agree that CoSchedule is by far, my favorite. It is very easy to use too. There are so many cool features that make life a whole lot easier.

  2. I have been using this for about a week and I am crazy in love with it. I find myself randomly pulling up the calendar and looking at all the filled in days and I have gotten so much more writing finished!

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