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This blog is meant to be about holistic health and fitness, not about my sordid love life (or lack thereof) so I thought I should give you an update on where I’m at.


I am more or less eating intuitively but within a rough pre-determined schedule. I eat three meals a day and sometimes have dessert or an afternoon snack.

Typically breakfast is cereal and milk (if I can’t be bothered making anything), oats and powder or protein pancakes and ice cream.

Lunch is usually a sandwich or salad and dinner is meat and veg.

I no longer feel hungry all the time, nor count down the hours until my next meal. Because I am trying to drop a little weight I make some substitutions (egg whites instead of whole eggs, low fat yogurt/ice cream, sugar free chocolate) but I don’t log my food or count calories.

I have also developed a deep and lasting love of red wine and have one glass with dinner. I find it actually stops the after dinner munchies. The more I drink (when I go out) the less I want to eat so I guess the calories balance out. Probably not the best weight loss strategy in the world but it is what it is.


I am swimming at least every second day, walking a lot (the pool is a 15 min walk each way) and weight training 2-3 times a week. I will be back to 2 yoga classes a week from 1 Feb when classes resume.

Unfortunately I am injured at the moment and have limited mobility in the gym. I seem to have pulled or torn something near the top of my right ribs. It might be my intercostals (or I could have cracked a rib when I walked into a concrete bollard) but anything involving my stomach muscles (which is a lot I can tell you) gives me severe pain. The swimming is OK if I take it easy but chest presses and ab work is out of the question.


I am slowly shrinking and adore watching my jeans get looser. The best part is that it has been effortless and easy. I am loving the way I look right now and shrinking more is just a bonus. For the first time in my life I like the way I look and I am not desperate to change it.

I haven’t binged or overeaten for months and cravings are non-existent. I get a bit hungrier when I’m pre-menstrual but I just eat more because I know I’ll under eat for the first few days of my period when my appetite disappears.

Sometimes I eat junk, sometimes I eat loads of vegetables but mostly I eat somewhere in the middle. I don’t plan my macros and eat protein when I feel like it and more carbs than ever before. I do pay attention to how much fat I am eating because no/low fat eating makes me hungry and cranky.

Mind Numbingly Boring

I have little to blog about food and exercise because I don’t even really think about it these days ~ it is just as natural as breathing and sleeping. My relationship with food and exercise is a far cry from the dark days of restriction and bingeing doumented in my old blog.

worst of TETGTTGI have been compiling some of my posts from Thin Enough to go to the Gym? into an e-book for myself and for those of you who can’t be arsed reading through the 1000 posts in that blog and it has been amusing, depressing and insightful. I was going to call it the “best of” but it is more accurately the “worst of”. It is wonderfully empowering to know that even though I spent years being beyond fucked, positive permanent change is possible. You can read the first 13 pages here, which starts with my dieting story.

Off the Air

I am off to Brisbane for the next five days and I am feeling a little blogged out so there are some pre-written posts and I have scheduled my “things I wish I knew before I started to diet” posts. I am looking forward to some relaxation and escape from being surrounded by boxes. Next week we’re moving so I’m going to be a busy girl. See you later!

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