Monkey Magic • an Adventure in Malaysia

monkey magic in malaysia
My boyfriend and I extended the long weekend into a mini city break and flew to Malaysia for four days. We stayed at the glorious Villa Samadhi, a traditionally inspired oasis in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.

Villa Samadhi Luxe Crib

Our room was all timber, bamboo and polished concrete. The most luxurious and most used features — the plunge pool and the rain showers in the bathroom.

Villa Samadhi Bathroom

Even during the afternoon monsoonal showers, the outdoor lagoon was beautiful, and warm enough for a swim.

Villa Samadhi Pool

One of our outings was a trip to the Batu Caves, a Hindu sacred place of worship. There were plenty statues of Ganesha keeping watch over us.

Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

272 stairs to the top. It was well worth the climb.

Batu Caves Steps

It was the first time I’ve seen monkeys so close. They tend to be aggressive when it comes to food — they’ll grab it out of your hand. We didn’t feed them, we were content to stand and just watch. (The first monkey has a baby at her breast).

Batu Caves Monkey 3

Batu Caves Monkey 2

Batu Caves Monkey 1

We also visited the Butterfly Park. The little buggers are difficult to photograph because they never stay still.

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 2

We had a wonderful, earthy, mystical magic adventure — for which I am grateful to all the gods.

Lord Hanuman

Have you ever been to Malaysia?
What do you enjoy about other cultures?


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6 thoughts on “Monkey Magic • an Adventure in Malaysia

  1. Hi Katie! Great photos! Thanks for sharing them and I LOVED the cave. I can see how the climb would be worth it. And I appreciate your popping over to see a great country for the weekend when so many are afraid to even get on a plane. ~Kathy

  2. Wow, this all looks amazing – the pool, the monkeys, the caves. I have never been to Malaysia. (The closest was a few hours in Singapore airport when going to and from Australia.) Your photos kinda make me want to go…

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