There is No Fairytale Ending


Krystal* was a beautiful Princess, born to the kindly King and Queen of a faraway country. She had a charmed childhood and was adored by all.

As Krystal grew older, the King and Queen noticed that her innocent beauty was turning into sexual allure. The future of the kingdom depended on Krystal making the right marriage so the King and Queen built a beautiful room and locked her inside.

Krystal escaped her prison several times and ventured out into the world, and each time she returned when she was filled with guilt and shame. She knew that she had let her parents down, and she knew she must have a bad soul to keep wanting to break the laws of decency.

Finally, unable to feel beautiful or attractive outside of her parents approval, Krystal gave up her escapades and stayed in the castle. She didn’t need locking up any more because she no longer had the energy to even think about leaving.

Slowly and surely, the Princess forgot her sexual nature and felt simply ordinary and normal. She worked as hard as she could to make up for disappointing her parents. She eventually married the handsome Prince from the neighbouring kingdom confident that she had made a good choice.

As the years progressed, the Princess forget how to feel. She buried her passion, her sense of adventure and her true identity. It was so hidden that she forgot who she was and the only reminder was an ache in her heart that kept her awake sometimes.

The older the Princess got, the stronger the ache in her heart until it was almost unbearable. She became obsessed with becoming the fittest and strongest Princess in the land, but when she began to put her attention on her physical body, the ache only worsened.

One dark day, when it seemed that nothing would solve the mysterious misery and pain inside, Krystal discovered a dusty old book in the ancient library. It spoke of spirit, love and living life with adventure and risk. Krystal felt like she had come home.

As the ice around her heart began to thaw, Krystal started to realise that she had lived only half a life. She had everything anyone could ever want, and yet she wanted more. She wanted passion, she wanted connection, she wanted someone to share her discoveries with, but there was no-one in the castle who understood. She longed for everyone to feel as happy and alive as she did, but even the Prince did not understand her transformation.

Suddenly, she was the odd one out, the one who didn’t fit, the one who had become high maintenance. The Prince remarked that everything was perfectly fine before, and the only problem was that now she had become “needy”. Why should everyone else have to change to accommodate her needs?

Now, the Princess was filled with fear. The more she grew and awakened, the less she belonged. She had had a good life in the castle, but it had been over 20 years since she had run in the woods, sang in the tavern and skinny dipped in the lake. She could do none of these things now without losing her position and her title so she pushed the thoughts aside.

Every morning she would gaze out the window and see the leaves of the forest, the roof of the tavern and the sun glistening off the lake and she would feel the tug of her heart. One day she could stand it no longer and slipped away from the castle without telling a soul. She ran in the woods, she sang in the tavern and a mysterious handsome stranger had handed her a robe as she stumbled naked from the cold water of the lake. She felt alive for the first time in her entire life but now all she had was a dark secret that made her feel more unworthy and greater guilt.

There is no happily every after, no fairytale ending because that is where the Princess is right now. She is stuck in a world of duty and obligation, longing for the things she cannot have without leaving everything she knew behind and letting down everyone she has ever loved. In her heart, she hopes that someone else will simply ask her to leave, but that is not really likely to happen.

She has asked the Prince to walk in the woods, to eat in the tavern and to picnic by the lake in an attempt to find some middle ground, but he has no desire to ever leave the castle. He says he doesn’t mind her going out by herself occasionally, but he doesn’t understand that infrequent visits without someone to share it with aren’t enough.

How would you write the ending to this story because it’s a sad and tragic tale that needs resolution? Maybe a wizard, or a potion or a spell would make things all work out in the end? Fuck me, the bitch needs help … ideas?

*this work is purely fictional, any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental*

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