I’m Just Having a Bad Day


How many times have you said, “I’m just having a bad day. When I wake up in the morning, I will start afresh and it will all be over”? Or “I’m just going to finish up today with this crappy food (not treating myself with love) and I’ll be back on track tomorrow”?

Do you believe that misery is portioned into “bad days”?

I would like you to know that waiting for a fresh start in the morning is what makes tomorrow a battle to get back on track. The reason for this is because how you feel in the morning depends on how you go to sleep at night.

Sleep is Connecting With Source

When we sleep, our monkey mind stops and our subconscious takes over. We spend our sleep re-connecting with our Source. If we fall asleep with thoughts of guilt, disgust, disappointment and frustration, these are the emotions we take with us into our nightly experience with our Source. It takes time for these feelings to fade and disappear and we spend only a small amount of our evening journey to the magical world of Source bathed in true bliss.

When we wake, we feel not quite completed, a little on edge and unrested.

So before you go to sleep, snuggle down into bed and feel the soothing pleasure of your sheets and pillow. Turn off the TV, put down that grisly crime novel and listen to some calming music instead. Say a prayer of gratitude for the day that has been. Breathe deeply and sigh for the joy that is simply going to bed.

Now It’s Only a Partial Day

So now your day hasn’t been completely bad, because you’ve salvaged a few moments of joy before you sleep. What if you did this earlier? How would it be if you gave yourself a time limit on feeling crappy? Instead of processing time into days, slice it into segments.

I got out of bed yesterday morning feeling rather down. I was not prepared to accept that yesterday was going to be a bad day because I had a very important meeting at 11.30am. I gave myself until then to wallow in my bad mood before it was time to re-calibrate.

Curiously, as I swam, ate breakfast, played on the internet and got ready to go out, I discovered that the mood was evaporating by itself. By the time I got through my amazingly positive meeting and had a surprise lunch date, my day was once again wonderful.

Search and Rescue

Are you shortchanging yourself by accepting that you have to have a complete bad day. Can you salvage the last minutes before you go to sleep? And if you can do that can you rescue your day even sooner?

How? I beginning to suspect that the trick is to accept the feelings without trying to change them, be intent on fully experiencing your misery for a set time period and then it evaporates away all by itself.

When you know that you are having rotten time but it is only going to last until you get into bed then you can stop fighting it. When you really experience your bad mood and surrender for a pre-determined period of time (the end of which is marked by a change of place, outfit, focus, etc.) then it melts away without your help.

Give it a try ~ it’s a pretty cool trick ♥

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