When We Were Young

when we were young • returning to the past
When I found my husband’s body, along with empty beer bottles and overflowing ash trays, he was surrounded by all of our photo albums. The first one, the one with the pink floral cover, lay open on the floor. Next to a photo of us at a party, he had written on a post-it-note, When we were happy. I assume he wrote a commentary of our lives next to other photos too, but I don’t know because I threw all the albums in the back of a garbage truck. All of the photos are gone.

When I told my mother of my boyfriend’s interest in his family tree, she sent me a package with photos of my Dad’s parents and her mother’s birth certificate. Along with the historical items, she included photos and school report cards from my childhood. I haven’t seen some of these photos for over thirty years.

birth weight

There are quotation marks around my name because I was adopted.
If you look closely, it says “Kimmy” and someone has written over the top of it.

baby in pram

baby single

Chubby baby and chubby toddler.

blue dress
report extract

A school report from 1972. Oh dear!


Ballet – my favourite thing.

school photo 1972 highlight

Loved those boots – still do.

intermediate school 1976

intermediate school 1977

It’s amazing the difference a year can make.


It is nice to have some photos from the past again. Instead of stuffing them away in an album, I’m putting them here — evidence that once I was young.


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  1. Most of my childhood photos were lost in a fire. My aunt passed away recenty and my cousin found a boxful of photos of me and my siblings.
    It was such a good feeling but wow was I young.

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