The Kiss Part Two

the kiss two
Barely able to breathe, they cannot keep their hands from each other. In defiance of the stares from the lesser mortals in the room, they press against each other and search for warm, liquid lips.

His hands move impatiently over her body, trying to imprint the memory of her shape and texture into his sensual memory.

Involuntary moans escape from her throat as his tongue explores her mouth. She cannot help but imagine how it will feel when he tastes the rest of her longing body.

Their physical bodies almost feel as restrictive as their clothes because all they both desire is to merge their minds and their souls and become part of the universe. But they thank the gods that each and every nerve ending is firing as a physical anchor for the spiritual ecstasy to come.

As their thoughts, heartbeat and breath becomes one, they both die. And when they are resurrected the energy of the hearts of all humanity has seeped into their bones. As the brush of an angel’s wing glances off the tear running down her cheek, she feel the angels weeping with her and smiles.


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