Drunken Accident

The other night I had my first drunken accident.

After meeting another disappointing man in a bar, I reverted to my usual coping mechanism of too much red wine. I was a little unsteady on my feet.

There was no way I was wearing my 6″ stilettos (why do I bother?) home in my blurred state. I stopped to carefully take them off.

This activity meant I had to stand on one leg and undo one shoe at a time. As I drew on all my ‘tree pose’ technique I managed to removed shoe #1. Unfortunately my yogic focus was momentarily distracted and I fell off the remaining shoe I was balancing on.

My newly bared foot connected with the concrete kerb with some force. My little toe took the full brunt of the impact and immediately blossomed into a swollen mess of black and red pain.

Are you all right? asked the man. Can I do anything?

Yes — you can stand up tall, strengthen your core, grow some balls, find some confidence, stop finding me intimidating and open up your heart to love and pain without flinching.

It’s alright, I said, I’m perfectly fine.

But I’m not perfectly fine at all, I think I’ve broken something …

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