How to Succeed at Internet Dating

  1. Make your online name a very clever Latin phrase
  2. Say you are looking for someone to beguile you
  3. Use a profile photo that makes you look intense and complex
  4. Correct the one spelling mistake in my email [who knew that you complement someone not compliment?]
  5. Tell the truth about your age
  6. Be much more intelligent than I am
  7. Say heart wrenching things like “I want to gaze upon you as you sleep, feel the slow cadence of your dreaming heart, listen to your breathing … smell you.”
  8. Write that you “enjoy the way you write and think. Eloquence, elegance even, and occasional profanity. A little intoxicating.”
  9. Make me wait for the first date
  10. Make me wait for the fucking first date … arrrgggghhh

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