It’s Shit before Sunshine

laying girl

One thing I have learnt is that the unendurable stabbing pain in your heart that makes it difficult to breathe is a gift. It is the final step in the process that releases the arrival of wonderful things. It’s shit before sunshine.

In every dark place, in every vortex of confusion and in every avalanche of pain, there is one lesson to learn … how do I remain love in this situation?

When others wound me can I respond in love? Can I see that person as hurting and as full of fear as I am? Can I feel their heart breaking over the noise of my own?

When I see everyone as an extension of myself, and when the edges of myself merge into the edges of others, I realise that I can no longer feel judgment or anger. I can only see a weeping heart that is crying for love.

Don’t let the pain close down your heart because it is the time when love is needed most. Become love — for yourself and for the person that is hurting you. Don’t be smarter, crueller or stand in the place of being right, just hear the words and let them vanish into dust.

It is easier than you think — breathe, accept, see perfection in the flaws and let it go. And when you wake to a new day you will enjoy an unexpected smile for no particular reason.

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