Give Away What You Want

My friend Paula is beautiful. She is warm, funny, spiritual and has been my rock over the past few months. When she suggested I help her achieve a fit healthy body, I was more than willing.

Yesterday morning we met at a down town gym and took the first step on her path to uber-gorgeousness. We did chest presses, lat pull downs, miliary presses, bicep curls, triceps rope pushdowns and crunches. It was amazing to see her confidence grow and blossom as she completed each exercise.

Not only did it help her, but it was terrific fun for me. I was motivated to work harder, we laughed and the time just flew.

After months of thinking about myself and contemplating my navel, I had forgotten that the best way to get what you need is to give away that very thing. I had lost my focus and motivation in the gym and by being there for someone else I felt the old familiar surge of weight lust return.

What do you want more of that you can give away?

→ photo : greg westfall

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