The Ex’s Wedding Day • When Your Partner Moves On

the exs wedding day • when your partner moves on

In another country on the opposite side of the world, a woman walks down the aisle. It is a beautiful summer’s day, the sun makes dappled patterns through the church window, and she is surrounded by friends and family. Her children watch as the man who has looked after them for the last three years becomes their mother’s husband.

That woman is my boyfriend’s ex-wife. On Saturday, she made a vow to love another man until they are parted by death. Unlike me, she isn’t afraid to give marriage another try.

I wish her all the best. I understand what it is like to be left alone when your partner works away all the time. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for her to bring up three small children practically on her own, with her family a world away.

I hope her new husband gives her the kind of life my boyfriend couldn’t. I hope the children feel surrounded by love and kindness.

In a couple of days, the youngest two will fly from Europe to Australia to visit their Dad. It’s perfect timing. At the creation of a new family, they are reminded of the old.

It’s funny how things turn out. You could almost believe that the ending of two people’s unhappiness has resulted in more happiness than anyone could ever imagine. Love finds a way to make things right.

Good luck Mrs R. Thank you for being a good mother to my boyfriend’s children and for showing them how to follow your own true path of joy.

May the Universe bless you beyond measure.


Tell me: Has your ex-partner married someone else?
Do you have an interesting kind of blended family?


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12 thoughts on “The Ex’s Wedding Day • When Your Partner Moves On

  1. Very positive indeed – what a great outlook to have! A beautifully written post too. My best friend’s ex-boyfriend just got married and it has been a rough roller coaster for her…

  2. I love how positive you are and this wasn’t the b*@#ch that was married to my boyfriend. I also have a great relationship with my husband’s ex. We talk on FB all the time. I also get along with my ex’s wife and while we aren’t the best of friends we are friendly. I think it makes co parenting so much easier. When there is fighting all around it can’t be good for the kids. Kudos to you. She’s happy with hers and you are happy with yours that’s all that counts in the long run!

    1. It took me a while to work out who was who – husband’s ex and ex’s wife – relationships certainly can get complicated!
      Lovely to hear that you are on good terms with everyone. I think that’s a sign of true maturity and a loving heart. Good for you ♥

  3. I know that I am late to this party, but from a woman who is also an adoptee and was widowd far too young, I send the most sincere wishes that your heart will be both smart and brave. You deserve to be happy!

  4. My ex and I got married to our respective new partners in the same year (2005) – in April & June; we were also due at the same time to have babies in 2007 – their daughter arrived early on Jan 1st; my son was born on 31st Jan. ???? I think as we had got on with our lives at the same time near enough, the hurt Of his initial affair that ended our marriage was easier to bear.

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