Win a Free Clarity Session • Outlining Your Story Has Never Been Easier

free clarity session • outlining your story has never been easier

Yesterday I launched my publishing and editing services over at Gretel Park Publishing. In celebration of this brand new part of my life, I am giving away a free Clarity Session valued at $69.

I can help you outline your story in a way that clarifies your ideas and gives you a roadmap to follow when you sit down to write. A brainstorming session gives the tools you need to ensure you know where your story is heading. No more writer’s block, no more spending hours on sections that might eventually be cut, no more meandering around in the desert.

During our two hours together, split over two one hour sessions, we will work together to articulate your story’s question, theme, plot and setting while still leaving room for your creativity. This outline is just a guide to get you started on your way. You can follow it religiously or throw it out the window depending on what your Muse has to say.

You can use this session to discuss either your fiction or non-fiction idea, no matter whether you haven’t yet written a word, or you have already started writing.

How to enter:

1. Let me know the proposed name of your book/article/story in the comments below or at the link on my Facebook page.

2. The winner(s) will be chosen by one or more of the following methods — divine intuition, creative potential, degree of desperation, popular vote, or a random draw.

3. Contest closes on Friday 4th July Australian time.

4. Sessions delivered via a shared Google Document and Google Chat/Hangout (see a video demonstration of how collaboration works here).

5. Yay.


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2 thoughts on “Win a Free Clarity Session • Outlining Your Story Has Never Been Easier

  1. I am not writing a book, but this sure is a generous offer. And I smiled to see that you were a stage manager, as my 17 year old wants to be one, and I never knew anyone else with that desire.

  2. Hi Katie, this is a great offer and if I was at a different stage of my life I’d be praying that I would win it as I do have a book in me to write (geez that’s bad English right there). However with full time work and a physical inability to sit at a computer any longer than I have to now means it’s just not going to happen. Sad but true that I have to put this little goal on ice for now.

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