How to Release a Limiting Belief

There is no way I can lose weight if I eat when I’m hungry, eat what I want, eat consciously and stop when I’m full. I’m eating way too many calories.

The easiest way to release this limiting belief is to challenge the belief by asking yourself questions…

  • Has anyone ever lost weight eating more calories than you do?
  • Does your body easily utilise calories for energy, growth and repair when you eat mindfully, lovingly and gratefully?
  • Do whole food calories get processed differently to processed food?
  • Are you pooping more than you did when you were restricting ~ could your body be more efficient at eliminating what it doesn’t need?
  • Does a body that is loved and cared for perform in peak condition compared to a body that is treated harshly?
  • Would your body ask for anything that it doesn’t need?
  • Are you feeling weighed down, sluggish and exhausted or are you bright, energised and feeling alive?

If you have any doubt at all that the original statement is not a proven fact, then you can choose to no longer believe it. Truth doesn’t require belief. The sun will rise every morning whether you believe it or not. Don’t invest your faith in things that may not be true and don’t serve you.

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