The Theatre • A Challenging and Rewarding Career

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A career in the theatre probably wasn’t what my parents hoped I would do when I was growing up. I was a smart kid, top of the class, so I have the feeling they were expecting me to become a doctor or a lawyer or something with a great amount of financial reward and social prestige.

All I wanted to do was perform. I took ballet classes and learnt the piano. A life of show business was the life for me.

And yet, when I auditioned to do an acting degree at University, I didn’t get in. There were plenty of people more suited to the profession than I was. It was one place where brains weren’t the deciding factor. Eventually I enrolled in a drama degree. By the end of my first year, I discovered Stage Management and switched courses.

The thing is, that when you’re a Stage Manager, you get to play both on and off the stage. It turns out I wasn’t after the applause, I was after the satisfaction of bringing what had only once been an idea, into life on the stage. I was an integral part of the creative process. Stage Management completely satisfied my urge to be near the bright lights and the magic.

It still does, even after more than twenty years.

I am grateful my career in the theatre has taken me to all corners of Australia and to some of the major cities of the world. I am grateful, that even now, I am offered the delightful opportunity to work on shows and to pass my knowledge on to a new generation of young people who are excited as I am about the world of show business.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Does your current career reflect those dreams?


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  1. Yay! Theatre! Both my Husby and I have spent our teenage and adult lives involved. Either acting, directing or producing. Love seeing something go from concept to completion and bring joy and/or satisfaction to so many. What’s that Army slogan? ‘There’s no life like it!’ Works here. And now the next generation is giving it a go. Theatre lives on!

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