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Last Friday, I wrote the words THE END on Stages | Episode Five, the last instalment in the Sophie Walker series. After an enthusiastic start (I wrote the first four episodes in a month) I struggled to write the final episode. I am sure I could have continued to worry about it for the next year, but in the end, I just needed to get it done.

And done it is.

I am thankful that my first fiction series is finished and now I can start writing the next one.

You can buy the episodes individually for $US 2.99 at all major booksellers (Episode One is FREE).

Clicking on the images below will take you to the Amazon bookstore in your country. If you need a different format, please go to Gretel Park Publishing.

Sophie Walker spends each night in darkness at the side of a stage, producing the alchemy of theatre. In an attempt to come out of the shadows, she enters a body-building competition, sculpting her body into the best shape of her life.

When Sophie finds herself locked in a destructive cycle of bingeing and restricting, she chooses to give up dieting forever. But the road to healing is not what she expects, and she is forced to confront issues in her marriage, her job, her friendships, and her identity as an independent woman.

The Complete Collection is only $US 3.99 — 60% OFF the full price.

Stages One Stages Two Stages Three
Stages Four Stages Five Stages Collection

What have you finished lately that has taken you longer than you thought?
What should my next book be about?


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2 thoughts on “The End • The Joy of Finishing What You Started

  1. Congrats, Katie! Just bought the box set and am really looking forward to reading them.

    I’ve been working on revisions to my first YA novel, and it’s taking a shit-ton of time I hadn’t expected/anticipated. I can’t say “it’s finished” yet, but know I’ll want to celebrate when I get there.

    1. I feel this irresistible urge to make all sorts of excuses for what I have written now, but I won’t. I’m zipping my mouth and letting it go.

      Thank you for supporting me by buying my stuff. Good luck with your writing and revision ♥

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