Things Get Better

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Today has not been the best day in the history of the entire Universe ever. I’m frustrated that although I’ve uncovered my truth and found my voice, most of the time it feels as though I’m whispering in a crowded room full of loud music.

But I have survived more than this. Life isn’t about being full of joy every moment of every day. Too much sunshine can burn.

Today I am thankful that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only do things get better, sometimes they get fucking amazing.

Here’s to some amazingness some time soon.


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2 thoughts on “Things Get Better

  1. I loved that line from the thing you shared on FB the most! It can burn!!! Watering my garden and planting my seeds as we speak as I AM the only person responsible for my happiness! Btw I downloaded the photo and it’s my phone background as it reminds me to love my life and create the one I want! Love you – inspirational bitch that you are! You’re friend, lamb chop xxxxxx

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