Sexy Time • Enjoy it While You Can

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Today I learned something new about relationships. I learned that as we age, sometimes our bodies don’t do what we would like them to any more. Illness, both mental and physical, along with the medications we have to take to stay healthy, can interfere with both our sex drive and our ability to perform.

I heard stories about erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and painful intercourse. One lady hadn’t had sex with her partner for 11 years.

These stories made me sad and made me realise that a wonderful, healthy, raging sex life isn’t something to be taken for granted.

Today I am grateful that I am with someone who turns me on, who can’t get enough of me, and who is a skilled and attentive lover.

I will never again complain if he pesters me when I’m busy.

I take my hat off to those women and men who stay in sexless relationships because they love their partner unconditionally. To be honest, I’m not sure what I’d do in the same situation. Being in love is certainly not ALL about sex, but it must be bloody difficult to be forced to do without it.

The next time you catch your breath after an orgasm, say a prayer of thanks that you are one of the lucky ones who gets to enjoy the physical side of intimacy.

sexy time • enjoy it while you can

Sexy time — enjoy it while you can.

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7 thoughts on “Sexy Time • Enjoy it While You Can

  1. I hear you loud and clear…
    This is an issue I really do NOT know how to handle..
    What to do…
    Date younger men with no libido or erectile issues …
    Problem is I have found that no matter how wonderful the ‘ride’ they often cannot engage me at a deeper more philosophical & intellectual level..
    No fault of their own. They just happen to be at a different stage of life …
    I need that interaction more and more yet I find the other urges haven’t abated.. seriously considering abstinence as a life style choice..
    I have met the most amazing man ..
    But there is a slight problem..
    Wouldn’t matter if my sex drive had dried up at menopause..
    Yet I also feel, at the same time, in the face of all that is happening in this relationship is sex that important???
    Yep..I’m confused…

  2. I have dated a man with ED. He takes Levitra. Rather than limit our sex it has expanded our repertoire. We take time to pleasure each other in all kinds of ways and most of the time we can have penetrative sex–if that’s what we want. Communication, creativity and love win out over a hard dick any day…to put it bluntly.

  3. Walker I suspect I would benefit from further discussion with you.
    “Communication, creativity and love win out over a hard dick any day…to put it bluntly.”
    Well put. Akin to my deepest thoughts & feelings.
    I’m confused in part because I feel that I have only just discovered my sexuality and learnt how to achieve my potential… a long story..
    I even wrote on a dating profile what I was looking for…
    “You know how to enjoy life and realise that it isn’t ALL about sex… you understand about the soul… it is in everything..”
    I didn’t mention my desire to explore tantra or my awakening kundalini..
    Anybody that has spent time in the on-line dating scene would know how unwise that would have been!

    My ignorance about anything other than Viagra is impressive .. I obviously need to do some reading here. Thank you for commenting. I hadn’t heard of Levitra.

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