The Gift of Time • an Undeserved Blessing

The Gift of Time • an Undeserved Blessing • from

When my husband passed away, I was surprised to discover I was the beneficiary of his life insurance policy. I am certain there are people who don’t think I deserve anything because my husband and I were separated at the time. To be honest, for a long time, I felt the same way.

I would give it all back in a heartbeat if it meant he was still alive.

Nevertheless, ten months after his death, I decided to use the money to go back to University. Being free from the obligation of working full-time has been the most wonderful blessing in my life.

I’m currently working part-time while I still have a little savings left in the bank. There will probably come a day (unless I break out as an independent author) when I’ll have to go back to work. But right now, I get to stay home four days a week.

I am thankful I have time to write, read, blog, think, watch videos, listen to podcasts and interact on social media. I am exceedingly, utterly and completely grateful to have the gift of time.

What would you do with your day if you didn’t have to work?


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