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After all these years, I finally got around to reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way. Cameron champions the practice of morning pages, a daily ritual of writing three pages of stream of consciousness thoughts, to clear your mind of all the negativity and worry that get in the way of creativity and clarity.

I began my practice on 24 April, 2014, dutifully writing longhand in a notebook. One of the first things I wrote was “How is anyone going to find my books if they can’t even find my blog?”

The very next day, something weird happened on my blog. My 10 Things You Should Know Before You Kill Yourself post went viral and my traffic spiked, reaching an all time high of more than 3,000 hits in one day (which is about ten times more than I usually get). A random occurrence perhaps, but what if the Universe saw my need and answered?

Sadly, spikes don’t last for long and my traffic is back to normal, but now at least I know that miracles sometimes happen for no particular reason.

After struggling with writing by hand and dreading having to write this way every morning, I decided to ignore Miss Cameron’s advice and take my writing online. I already had a membership at (an online community birthed out of the morning pages practice) so on 1 May I reactivated myself and started down the digital pathway.

I discovered I can write 750 words (equal to three pages) in less than fifteen minutes and the lure of badges and rewards is irresistible. I’m having fun.

This morning, having been stuck for weeks on the ending of my Sophie Walker saga, I had a light-bulb moment and suddenly knew what to do. Now, instead of trudging through mud to get to the end, the words are flying off the end of my fingertips.

Oh Dear Muse

Today I thank you for trusting me with the gift of creativity
And for showing up when I thought you had gone
The words rush from my heart to the page
And I relish this sensation of flow

Thank you for whispering softly into my ear


Have you tried morning pages or journalling?
How has it changed your life?


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7 thoughts on “Morning Pages • Capturing the Muse

  1. Hi Katie! Congratulations for starting morning pages! I have been writing them now for (gulp) at least 20 years now. That’s right…I read Julia’s book way back when and decided that if I was going to stay creative and be a writer it was the best thing I could do. It has changed me on so many levels that I can’t tell you. It is my therapy, my friend, my muse, my discipline, my meditation, my confidant, my memories,etc.etc. I keep doing it because I can’t even imagine my life now without that sure but steady connection to myself every day. (Okay I only do it 5 days a week not 7). I would STRONGLY encourage you to keep it up for at least several months to see if you can make it a long-term habit. You won’t regret it! ~Kathy

    1. Wow Kathy, that is super impressive – 20 years! Check back with me in 2034 and let’s see if I’m still going (and still here).
      Thanks for the encouragement ♥

  2. Wow Kathy…
    I am so mega, mega impressed..
    I need some consolidation on what direction to take and your words have doubly impressed upon me what a powerful tool this would be to have in ones kit. Help me focus on what’s important.
    Starting Monday.

  3. Hmmm…. 🙂
    Protagonist to the end… directing again my friend?
    I’m wrapping a few things up at the moment and clearing the slate on many fronts for action.. My list for tomorrow is downright scary.. which is why I had best get off here now and get some more done now to try and lighten or spread the load…

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