How Technology Has Changed My Life

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Being of a certain age, I have had the curious pleasure of watching technology transform over the past fifty years. When I went to school, we found all our information in an encyclopaedia or at the library. When I went to University, I typed my assignments on an electric typewriter with a corrector ribbon. When I started work, I sent out rehearsal schedules and important announcements via fax.

I got paid in cash. I had a bank book that I took to the bank to deposit my weekly savings. Later on, I had a cheque book.

My camera was loaded with film that went to the chemist to be developed. I wrote letters to my parents when I was away from home. I had a pen-pal who lived in England. The only diet soda we had was Tab and Fresca.

These days the world has transformed. As a person who is thrilled by learning new things, I love having access to a world of information via the Internet.

With a few key strokes I can look up what year ‘Nothing Compares to You’ was a hit and even play the video clip. I can listen to podcasts on my way to work on the bus. I can see my boyfriend at the other end of a video camera no matter what country he’s in. I can publish this blog and my books without needing to ask anyone’s permission.

I am grateful technology has enriched my relationships and expanded my knowledge of the world. I am blessed to have access to a computer and the internet.


What about you? Can you remember the days before computers and smart phones?
Do you think we are worse or better off?


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