How Not to be a Big Fat Liar


From: The 4 Day Win by Martha Beck

Stage 2 ~ Contemplation ~ EASY vs CALM

In order to be a thin person, you have to exchange your belief in the EASY weight loss myth with the CALM reality.

EASY stands for External Authority System : You

CALM stands for Compassionate, Authoritative Learning : Me

You’ll lose weight when you realise that kindly attending to your own internal needs and wants, both physical and emotion, is the only way to stay healthy.

You are the ultimate authority on you. No one else can ever claim that authority, and you cannot give it away, even if you wanted to.


EASY myth : A perfect weight-loss authority source will elimnate the possibility of my breaking the rules.

CALM insight : The only thing that creates total compliance is total dependency. Prisoners and people with total paralysis or extreme illness are the only adults who can’t choose to disobey. Far from creating happiness, the loss of autonomous choice is horrible. It’s the single variable most related to depression and despair. I’m grateful that I have the choice to break the rules of my fitness program, because the alternative is loss of all personal power.

Exercise – Food-Mood-Brood Journal

Observation of when, what and why you eat activates the Watcher in our brains and helps us question our erroneous assumptions.
Use a journal layout that looks like this :

food-mood-broodLook through your thoughts and emotions that fuelled your eating and see if any of them came from the EASY mythology. Reframe them with CALM insights.

turtle stepTurtle Step

Each day for the next 4 days , I’ll keep a food-mood-brood journal to see what thoughts and emotions are linked to my overeating.

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