My type and his type

I find a particular type of man very attractive. Medium height, brown hair, with the body of a swimmer or a runner. Think Adam Levine (oh my …).


All my significant relationships have been with men who have looked similar to each other.

I think men, on the other hand, like variety. Being an in-between kind of woman (curvy but not overweight) I was smaller than my ex-husband’s previous girlfriend, more voluptuous than my lover’s thin wife and more curved than my current boyfriend’s ex-wife. I have often heard women say ‘I can’t believe he left me for someone bigger/smaller/younger/older than me.’ It could be that men enjoy someone who looks different to what they are used to, or maybe their ideas of beauty and attractiveness are more inclusive than women’s.

I don’t really know, I’m just making up shit for fun and finding an excuse to post a picture of a sexy man.

Sorry, what was I saying?

Do you have a type? What kind of man (or woman) are you attracted to?


3 thoughts on “My type and his type

  1. Exactly what Sara said and throw in some Tom Hardy! When I was younger I thought I had a type, but I guess I’m more like a man and really indulge in variety. Mmmmmmmmmen. :)

  2. I almost always wind up dating/being in relationships with tall, thin, long-haired men haha… I certainly don’t look for that on purpose but it keeps happening. Your type is pretty darned nummy too though, cannot blame you for it at allll 😀

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